4 Steps Before Closing a Home

Sellers! Don’t forget about these important things before closing on your home. 🫶🏾🐝🏠

1. Get Repairs Done- don’t wait until the last minute on this one! The buyer may want to have time to proof it and don’t be surprised if you are asked for pictures and receipts to confirm.

2. Buyer final walk thru- most buyers agents encourage their clients to walk thru the home one last time before closing to insure the home is in the same condition it was in when they made their offer. If the home is in a new compromised condition, the buyer may have the right to back out of the deal.

3. Possible negotiations- if there were other contingencies in the contract, like appraisal, survey, title work, etc. then the contract may need to be renegotiated depending on what new information was found. So don’t be alarmed, just be prepared.

4. Sign the final paperwork- the day you all have been waiting for! Closing day!! On this day, all of your belongings should be out of the house BEFORE you sign those papers! After you sign, you are never going back. Time for a new adventure!

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