Your Sign As A Realtor

I’m shifting how I view “the sign”. 🦋It once only represented a means of advertisement… it implied “this house/property is FOR SALE”, “Call me for more info”, “Melissa B. McCall is the listing agent for this property”…🥱

But the shift… the deeper understanding of what I get to feel and intend when I get the honor of placing my sign in the yard of a client, is beyond just an advertisement.These past two weeks have offered me the opportunity to really get more crystal clear about the type of business I wish to build inside of this industry. I have gotten to ask soul stirring questions about what my ideal clients desire, how THEY show up in the world, and just as equally important, how I also wish to show up for them. I get to focus on what I can do to make things better… the growth I get to experience to show up as THAT “ideal” AGENT for that “IDEAL” client. No lie… the essence of my list feels overwhelming, but it’s possible. And I’m learning that it starts with the little things… the things that I have taken for granted and therefore didn’t understand the alternative meanings that could also be…Like my thought shift about my sign…The new meaning and intention I choose to give this sign is as follows:

My sign is heralding the selling news of a property that could potentially be “The One” for someone. This property is going to be the next piece to someone’s puzzle and we (the sellers and I) invite you to dream, to taste, or find clarity in this space. We believe in the process of TRUSTING. We believe in flow. We believe in perfect timing. We understand there is a process and we are open to the lessons to be learned thru it. We believe in alignment. We are well represented. The Selling Bee is our REALTOR®, and she moves with grace, respect, faith and confidence. Miracles follow her. She takes care of her clients and customers. Her heart is for their WIN! She intends to help guide her clients through a big transition as smoothly as possible, no matter the circumstance, and to remain a calm voice during any potential storms. Her time with you may not be permanent, but when she is with you, she is with you and the appointment with her was always divine.

🐝This is my new intention✨… this is the deeper understanding of my role as a REALTOR®. I embrace it and cherish in my heart the moments I have had with so many wonderful people. The experiences have literally changed my life in the most exponential ways. I am grateful! I am growing! I. A m. B e c o m i n g.Xoxo,The Selling Bee

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