Here are six ways to increase your homes values

1️⃣ Update your kitchen
A minor remodel of a 200-square-foot kitchen, including replacing cabinet fronts, countertops, and appliances, costs about $26,200 but recoups about $18,900 at resale, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report. That’s about 72% ROI compared to recouping about 54% of expenses for a major kitchen overhaul. 

2️⃣ Finish Your Basement
Finishing a basement of 400 to 1,500 square feet has a potential ROI of up to 75%.

3️⃣ Fresh Neutral Paint Color
Light, neutral wall colors make for a good palette for resale because buyers can imagine their belongings in the space. Grey and white is totally in! 

4️⃣Fresh Exterior Paint
You don’t have to repaint your whole house to make it look new again, especially if you’re on a budget. Just touch up any flaking or chipped paint, or paint the front door and trim. Buyers in NAHB’s survey prefer white (24%) or brown (17%) for the front door, but designers often recommend a bold color such as powder blue, forest green, or buttery yellow against a neutral exterior.

5️⃣ Add a deck or patio
A deck or patio is a common staple of a home’s backyard living area. It’s a place to dine, have a beverage, entertain, or work outdoors for a few hours. A backyard deck adds over $7,000 in resale value on average, and you can build a deck for around $4,380 and $10,080. So, it’s likely that you can break even or even see a positive ROI on this project.

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